5th December 2018

Our partner, Chemours, has announced significant expansion of its Teflon™ PFA polymer manufacturing capacity in response to growing global demand in the semiconductor industry.

Through capacity and quality improvements made during a recent turnaround at the company’s Washington Works facility in Parkersburg, West Virginia, Chemours has achieved an immediate 15% capacity increase of its Teflon PFA polymer and expects to achieve a total capacity increase of 25% by the end of this year. The growing demand for this high-performance polymer to meet global trends like 5G will require even more capacity, and the company is making an additional investment at its Washington Works facility to double its current production capacity by 2021.
Teflon PFA’s high-performing polymer provides reliable, high-quality solutions― enabling device manufacturers to maximise chip yields and design freedoms while minimising downtime and process variability.
Each day, smart devices are connecting our world in ways never imagined. As our reliance on these devices grows, so does the demand for high-performance, low-cost semiconductor technologies. By 2020, the Internet of Things is projected to consist of over 50 billion connected devices. This impending technological revolution is driving the demand for increasingly powerful and efficient integrated circuits that will challenge the known limits of design scale and complexity. In order to meet the increasingly strict requirements of greater chip densities and higher yields, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) will depend on fab system reliability and low defectivity like never before. From bulk chemical distribution to wet etch and CMP processes, chemically inert Teflon fluoropolymers enable equipment and systems that use high-performance, contamination-free gases and chemicals during the IC manufacturing process.