10th November 2021

NEW from ADDAPT Chemicals BV: Anticor™ RCP rust conversion primer combines strong adhesion to metals with excellent rust converting properties.

Consisting of an Acrylic Co-Polymer / Epoxy Hybrid blend with rust converting additives, Anticor™ RCP can be applied directly onto rusted substrates to convert the rust into an anticorrosive complex, making the substrate passive to further corrosion.

Anticor™ RCP adheres to various metals, including (stainless) steel, copper, aluminium etc, and also pre-treated coatings, blocking the migration of oxygen and water through the coating. A dry Anticor™ RCP coating is durable, waterproof and strongly bonded to the substrate.

Application to metals results in a marginal colour change. Ferrous substrates will transform to a blackish appearance, caused by the complexation of iron ions by Anticor™ RCP. Application of Anticor™ RCP on metals other than iron does not result in blackening of the coating.