2nd March 2021

ADDAPT Chemicals has launched a NEW Biodegradable, VOC and label free matting aid, ADDAPT® BIOMATT E

ADDAPT® BIOMATT E is a liquid matting aid suitable for the Paint, Ink & Floor polish Industries.

ADDAPT® BIOMATT E can be formulated into both water-based Polyurethane & Polyurethane hybrid systems. It is also exceptionally suitable for wood (parquet lacquers etc.) since along with excellent matting it gives high transparency.

ADDAPT® BIOMATT E is designed for homogeneous pigment orientation and uniform levelling ideal for use in water based matt paints, leading to a coating with reduced cloudiness, increased transparency and matting effect.

ADDAPT® BIOMATT E also enables a formulator to reduce the binder and matting agents needed in their formulation.

If you need samples or further information on ADDAPT® BIOMATT E or any formulation advice please click here...

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