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Beeswax & derivatives Traditional waxes with ability to produce rich, creamy textures
Bentone Gel® range Bentone® clay based rheological modifiers offering enhanced pigment suspension, stability, viscosity and feel. Click here to watch our formulation guide video
Bentone® Hydrophylic Clays Bentone® organoclays for thickening aqueous phase, enhanced emulsion stability, thermal stability, better suspension capacity, thixotropic flow and electrolyte tolerance.
BergaMuls ET1 emulsifying compound Vegetable fibre compound for emulsifying, with thickening and moisturising properties.
Diowgel Speciality silicone gels
Farmal 21T Non-ionic, bio-based polymer derived from native tapioca starch, which can be used to enhance aesthetic and sensorial attributes in topical powders, colour cosmetics, skin creams and lotions.
Farmal MS6135 Free-flowing bio-based polymer derived from waxy corn starch, which can be used to modify the rheology and reduce the Oil Absorbance in cosmetic applications, whilst improving skin feel properties.
Fruit waxes Natural orange peel wax
Kesterwaxes Specialty Kester Waxes
Nativacare range The Nativacare range of natural polymers a re derived from plant-based starches and offer excellent absorption with applications for Body Powders, Liquid Talc, Colour Cosmetics, Lotions, Creams, Gels, Deodorants and Dry Shampoo. All of the Nativacare products are COSMOS approved, and some are also organically certified.
Natural functional ingredients from TRI-K Natural alternatives to commonly used functional ingredients for haircare, skincare and more
Pencare DP 1015 A 90% active, cationic charged biopolymer, which can be used as a superior deposition and conditioning agent in hair and skin care applications.
Penstia Powder Polymer powders
Powderfeel WR O/W emulsifier from Chemyunion with incredible texturising properties.
Rheoluxe® Associative Thickeners Non-ionic polymeric thickeners designed specifically for the personal care market.

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