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Emulzome Oil-in-water nanodispersion
Entadine® Anti-photoaging active based on extract of tropical vine seeds & bark. Provides first defence against UV damage and keeps the skin's immune system healthy, reducing UV induced inflammation.
Epidermosil® Dermal filler, epidermal renewal
Fancol® Polyiso® Full range of long chain aliphatic hydrocarbons
Fancor Meadowfoam Seed Oil & Derivatives Meadowfoam seed oil and derivatives are exceptionally stable and have the capability of retaining their functional activity under extreme conditions
Fancorsil® LIM Derivative of Meadowfoam Seed Oil with excellent hair repair ability
Farmal 21T Non-ionic, bio-based polymer derived from native tapioca starch, which can be used to enhance aesthetic and sensorial attributes in topical powders, colour cosmetics, skin creams and lotions.
Farmal MS6135 Free-flowing bio-based polymer derived from waxy corn starch, which can be used to modify the rheology and reduce the Oil Absorbance in cosmetic applications, whilst improving skin feel properties.
Fibroforce Haircare active for structural repair and protection of chemically treated or fragile hair.
Fruit waxes Natural orange peel wax
G.P.S.® Potentialized threalose with smart delivery silicium technology
Glistin® Neuro active-optimizing neuronal endings self-protection
GlyAcid High Purity Glycolic Acid High-purity glycolic acid made using a unique production and cleaning process resulting in a product free of formaldehyde.
GoBlond Protective treatment for during and after hair bleaching process.
Hebeatol range Natural preservative for personal care applications. China compliant grade available.

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