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Bentone Gel® range Bentone® clay based rheological modifiers offering enhanced pigment suspension, stability, viscosity and feel.
Bentone Hydroclay rheology modifiers Bentone® organoclays for thickening aqueous phase, enhanced emulsion stability, thermal stability, better suspension capacity, thixotropic flow and electrolyte tolerance.
BergaCare SmartLipids Submicron particles consisting of a complex mix of solid and liquid fat compounds. They are carefully designed to obtain an imperfect crystal structure, so that lipophilic actives can be encapsulated and protected within them.
BergaMuls ET1 emulsifying compound Vegetable fibre compound for emulsifying, with thickening and moisturising properties.
BergaSoft Mild Surfactants A range of mild, sulphate-free, high-foaming, anionic and non-ethoxylated surfactants for personal care applications.
BergaSom Sunflower Lecithin A range of high-quality sunflower derived lecithin fractions. They are used in the manufacture of liposomes, nanoemulsions, oleogels and formulations that are physiologically related to the skin, for cosmetic and dermatological products.
Bioskinup Contour 3R Active targeting dark circles and puffiness
Botanical extracts Range of superior quality plant extracts from Green Line Botanicals are paraben-free, and available in whichever base you require: glycols, glycerine, oils, water to name but a few.
Cafeisilane C® Potentialized caffeine with smart delivery silicium technology
Capillisil Haute Concentration® High concentration of silicium brought to deep layers of the skin (e.g. hair root)
D.S.B. C ® Potentialized salicylic acid with smart delivery silicium technology
D.S.H.C N® Skin restructuring active with excellent moisturizing properties, delivering intense and long lasting hydration.
Diocide Paraben-free preservative
Diowgel Speciality silicone gels
Ecoffea Natural coffee active that reduces signs of ageing

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