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Innovation Victory for Alfa Chemicals at SCS Formulate 2015!

We are delighted to announce that Alfa Chemicals has won the inaugural Laura Marshall Memorial Award for the Year's Most Innovative Cosmetic Product.

Visitors to SCS Formulate were given the opportunity to vote during the show, and the winner was announced at the SCS dinner on November 17th 2015.

Caroline Recardo, Head of Personal Care at Alfa commented: “This really was a team effort from start to finish with the whole Alfa team being involved with selection of ingredients, formulation,and promotion to customers.  A big thanks also to Variblend, who supported and advised us fully in this project, and kindly donated the packaging to us free of charge.  We hope the idea has inspired our customers!”

‘DUO-PUMP All-in-one Travel Kit' from Alfa Chemicals

Our ‘DUO-PUMP All-in-one Travel Kit' contains a hydric and lipidic gel, stored separately and designed to work together to produce a range of different skincare products depending on the proportions of each used. 

You choose the dosage of each gel to formulate your own range of custom made products on-the-go.

The patented Vari-blend® dual pump system delivers the two phases independently, but they can be instantly combined by massaging together into a beautifully smooth and stable emulsion.

The added benefit of this unique packaging is that the amount of each phase delivered from the pump can be altered easily using the dial.

The desired product can therefore be selected by the user depending on personal preference.

 Alfa Chemicals is a UK distributor of speciality ingredients to the UK Personal Care market, offering substantiated actives, novel texturizing and functional ingredients for skincare, haircare, bath & body.

Our in-house range of 100% natural functional ingredients – the ‘AlfaCos’ range – have inspired us to develop the ‘All-in-one Travel Kit’, containing both a hydric and lipidic gel which are able to emulsify instantly when combined.

All of the AlfaCos ingredients contained within this formulation are COSMOS approved and 100% natural.

Innovation Victory for Alfa Chemicals at SCS Formulate 2015!
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