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Alfa Chemicals


Alfares® offer a range of environmentally-aware solutions for industrial uses such as surfactants in Metalworking, CASE, Home-care and I&I applications  such as Alfares® Resin Kleen speciality solvents and Alfares® SL30 mild surfactants for metalworking and homecare applications. Along with the potential for toll and custom manufacturing, Alfares® promote themselves as a company with a drive to developing the right solution to a customers brief.

Product Range Description
Alfares® Resin Kleen Alfares® Resin Kleen products have been designed for use in industrial cleaning applications; they can be used to remove partially cured and uncured resins from tools and spray equipment that have been used in epoxy, polyurethane and polyester applications.
Alfares® SL30 Alfares® SL30 is a biodegradable anionic surfactant offering excellent wetting and detergency whilst being environmentally friendly. Commonly used in metal working, homecare and industrial & institutional (I&I) applications.
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