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STRUKTOL® from Schill & Seilacher Helps Protect Range of Surfaces from Concrete to Natural Stone

Schill and Seilacher manufacture a range of silicone-based products which can be used to coat a range of surfaces.Many external construction materials consist of concrete, clay brick or clinker and require adequate protection from external elements such as water and reduces salt blooming. Coatings which provide this protection enable surfaces to withstand harder conditions, often associated with winter climates. 

STRUKTOL® VP 5230 is a water-based hydrophobic agent based on alkyl silane, which can be diluted with water down to concentration of application without any problem. STRUKTOL® VP 5230 is effective in low concentrations and penetrates the building materials surface to develop a transparent but efficient hydrophobic coating after complete dehydration.

For natural stone STRUKTOL® VP 5393 builds a protective layer onto the stone which prohibits the blooming of salts. The product is composed of complex, reactive silicones. Surfaces treated with STRUKTOL® VP 5393 show a semi-matt finish; however the shine can be intensified with polishing.  STRUKTOL® VP 5393 was especially created for the finish of natural stones like marble, granite and malachite where correct concentration for the specific application has to be determined based on the porosity and consistence of the treated surface.

For more information or for technical data sheets of either product, please contact us. Alfa Chemicals is proud to distribute for Schill & Seilacher in the UK and Ireland.

Waterproof Your External Surfaces with STRUKTOL®
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