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VOC-free and Bio-based Defoamers from ADDAPT Chemical B.V

Foamstop VF 10 N is a VOC-free defoaming agent suitable for high PVC paints, printing inks and emulsion based adhesives. Foamstop VF 10 N is easily emulsifiable, two thirds of the amount should be added during the grinding stage and the final third during the ‘let down’ stage to ensure prolonged defoaming properties in the final product. Nonylphenol (NP) is a notorious example of a persistent, bio-accumulative chemical and so the paints market had begun to move away from using NP in their formulations. Foamstop VF 10 N does not contain any nonylphenol derivatives and so is very suitable for paint formulations.

Based on a bio-renewable source Foamstop VF 35 N is recommended for pigmented low-VOC paints, high gloss emulsion lacquers and emulsion based adhesives. Due to its renewable source, Foamstop VF 35 N allows for a final product with less environmental impact. Highly effective defoaming properties enables formulators to only use small addition levels of Foamstop VF 35 N for sustained defoaming effects.

Foamstop CC 11 is a cost effective defoamer, perfect for paint emulsions based on PVC, VA/VEOVA, styrene/acrylics and pure acrylics. In high pigment-low binder paints, no intercoat adhesion problems should arise when Foamstop CC 11 is utilised as a defoamer. This enables smooth application of coats for an even final finish.

Alfa Chemicals Ltd is delighted to distribute for ADDAPT Chemicals B.V. in the UK and Ireland. Visit our website or click here to request further information on what ADDAPT products we can offer.

VOC-free and Bio-based Defoamers from ADDAPT Chemical B.V
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