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UrBioTect from IBR: Protecting from & deactivating urban pollution

Environmental pollutants including heavy metals and other toxic compounds such as PAHs and aldehydes are increasingly abundant in our urbanized and industrialized environments. One of the emerging environmental pollutants of concern in recent years is blue light.  Pollutants are known to have detrimental effects on our skin and body altogether and lead to various illnesses such as respiratory diseases, headaches, asthma, skin rashes and more.

HOWEVER, the initial effects on our appearance are early signs of aging including: wrinkles, pigmentation spots, disrupted barrier, overall dryness and skin imperfections.

UrBioTect from IBR is a natural and innovative solution helping to relieve and repair the effects of pollution blue light on our skin and the appearance of early signs of aging. The product promotes lighter skin tone in a smoking environment as well as reducing wrinkle count, improving skin elasticity and barrier function.

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UrBioTect from IBR: Protecting from & deactivating urban pollution
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