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Stepan® STEPANPOL Polyester Polyols

Where coatings will be exposed to sunlight, such as external flooring, a polyol with UV stability is important to ensure that mechanical properties and colours remain unchanged. Stepan® STEPANPOL PC-5080-215 is an aromatic polyester polyol which promotes excellent UV stability, mar resistance and flexibility in coatings (ideal for outside applications).

Balancing improved hardness with great flexibility in coatings can be challenging; STEPANPOL PC-5040-167 can be included in formulations to increase hardness without sacrificing flexibility. STEPANPOL PC-5040-167 also encourages brilliant impact performance and chemical resistance for systems requiring aromatic polyols.

In aliphatic systems, Stepan® STEPANPOL PC-5090P-56 promotes great tensile and tear strength in coatings, along with solvent and oxidation resistance. The ability to formulate for aliphatic or aromatic systems with Stepan®s extensive range of polyester polyols ensures that no matter the application, there is a suitable STEPANPOL grade.

Alfa Chemicals is delighted to distribute for Stepan® in the UK and Ireland. Request further information on Stepan® STEPANPOL polyester polyols here.

StepanĀ® STEPANPOL Polyester Polyols Provide Excellent Diversity for Coatings Formulations
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