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Natural Stone Protection with Chemours CAPSTONE Range

Recently it has become increasingly common for natural stone and tile products to be used in households as flooring, kitchen work spaces and bathrooms. For applications such as these the product requires a hard-wearing coating to protect it from staining.

All CAPSTONE products allow customers to maintain the natural beauty of their stone product, whilst offering unbeatable protection from staining. Once applied, finished formulations allow the natural stone to breathe (non-film forming) and provide a durable surface which is easy to clean and maintain.

Large Selection of CAPSTONE Grades Offers Increased Versatility

Particular CAPSTONE grades provide a better durable coating for specific surfaces. For example, CAPSTONE ST -110 is a versatile grade which yields great results when formulated into clay brick, granite and slate coatings. However, due to its slightly acidic nature (pH 4-6) should not be used on surfaces which contact calcium carbonate, or any other alkaline product. For instances such as these, CAPSTONE ST -500 is ideal product for use in formulations to coat marble, limestone and sandstone surfaces due to its alkali pH range (9-10). CAPSTONE ST -500 also benefits from being VOC-free and can be formulated into a spray application.

Please contact Alfa Chemicals Ltd, distributor of Chemours products in the UK, Ireland and Nordics for any more information on the CAPSTONE products we have available.

Natural Stone Protection with Chemours™ CAPSTONE™ Range
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