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Huntsman Performance Products JEFFCAT® Catalysts

Polyurethane coatings containing JEFFCAT® DMDEE can be used for flooring applications, where the increased cure rate reduces the wait time between application and use. This is especially useful for factories, warehouse and hospital flooring where down time needs to be as short as possible.

Alongside JEFFAMINE® Polyetheramines such as JEFFAMINE® D-230, JEFFCAT® DMDEE can be formulated into hot melt applications to create impact resistant adhesives. Depending on formulations, JEFFCAT® catalysts can utilised in one or two-component systems. Allowing application through two-component cartridges or a one-component system leads to a diverse final product range, without sacrificing cure rate or mechanical properties.

Alfa Chemicals is delighted to distribute for Huntsman Performance Products in the UK and Ireland. Request further information on JEFFCAT® catalysts here.

JEFFCAT® Catalysts Provide Unbeatable Cure Control for Polyurethane and Epoxies
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