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MECELLOSE PMB 40-U Improves Workability and Finish of Self-Levelling Screeds

MECELLOSE PMB 40H methyl cellulose ether from LOTTE Fine Chemicals is ideal for addition to self-levelling screeds. With excellent opening time and workability, it enables screeds to level out for a smoother finish with less surface imperfections. Depending on formulation, most self-levelling screeds dry quickly allowing for fast application without compromising finish.

Improve Sag Resistance of Tile Adhesives with MECELLOSE FMC 2070 from LOTTE Fine Chemicals

Addition of MECELLOSE FMC 2070 into formulations allow final products to be adjusted during application, making it the perfect choice for tile grouts and adhesives. MECELLOSE FMC 2070 has a great sag resistance, allowing for tiles to be manipulated by the applicator without the added risk of sagging as the adhesive cures.

Both MECELLOSE PMB 40H and MECELLOSE FMC 2070 provide customers with high-quality final products which are easy to use without compromising on finish. Please contact us if you would like any additional information on the range of Lotte Fine Chemicals products we provide.

Alfa Chemicals Ltd is proud to distribute for LOTTE Fine Chemicals in the UK & Ireland.

Improve Workability of Screeds and Adhesives with MECELLOSE™ from LOTTE Fine Chemicals
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