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Improve Products and Prolong Machinery with ALFARES® range

RESIN KLEEN HF and RESIN KLEEN PS are environmentally acceptable solvents capable of removing partially cured or uncured resins from equipment. RESIN KLEEN HF especially is suitable for submerging, enabling simpler cleaning of application tools for hot melt adhesives.

RESIN KLEEN HF is a flexible, high flash solvent that delivers results at ambient and elevated temperatures (up to 60°C on metal and PTFE parts). RESIN KLEEN PS can be used to replace THF and NMP (solvents currently being phased out) and can also be used to clean polysulfone resins.

Alfa Chemicals Ltd is delighted to distribute for ALFARES® in the UK, Ireland and Nordic Countries. Visit our website or click here to request further information on the ALFARES® range we offer

Improve Products and Prolong Machinery with ALFARESĀ® range
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