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ADDAPT® DISP 600 Evenly Disperses Fillers to Prevent Weak Spots in Concrete

ADDAPT® DISP 600 is an excellent, solvent-free, dispersant with high suitability for colourants and reactive pigments. For use in concrete, ADDAPT® DISP 600 is also excellent at fully dispersing fillers, this allows concrete to have an improved appearance and prevents ‘weak spots’ due to unevenly distributed additives.

ADDAPT® DISP 600 is a specifically modified polyacrylate dispersant which, due to specific moieties, can achieve excellent hard water resistance. DISP 600 imparts good wet scrub resistance in paints alongside decreasing binder content. 

Very narrow molecular weight distribution guarantees ADDAPT® DISP 600 highly effective dispersing properties, using for dispersing pigments such as TiO2 in paints but also for effective dispersal of fillers in concrete. DISP 600 should not be used together with poly fosfates or Calgon in same formulation which is detrimental for the action of ADDAPT® DISP 600.

For more information on the range of ADDAPT® products we distribute or to request a sample of DISP 600, please contact us. Alfa Chemicals is proud to distribute for ADDAPT® Chemicals BV in the UK and Ireland.

Improve Concrete Quality and Filler Dispersion with ADDAPT® DISP™ 600
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