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Huntsman Extends UK Distribution Agreement to Include Surfactants

We are delighted to announce that from 1st January 2015 Huntsman Performance Products has extended its relationship with Alfa Chemicals by adding surfactant products for industrial applications primarily construction, paints, inks and emulsion polymerisation to the amine and carbonate portfolio already being distributed.

Reduce end-use damage and improve product lifespan with DEHSCOFIX® 158 and NANSA® LSS 495/H

Into the construction market Huntsman Performance Product offers additives for concrete, plasterboard, dry mix and grinding aids. Mortars containing powder superplasticsers like DEHSCOFIX® 158 require less water whilst still producing the same consistency; a lower water-cement ratio promotes greater compressive strength, therefore reducing the risk of end-use damage. NANSA® LSS 495/H is an anionic surfactant which can be used as a concrete additive; here it acts as an air entraining agent and protects the concrete from free-thaw damage which can reduce the lifespan of the final product. 

New APE-free environmentally acceptable surfactants

Paints, inks and emulsion polymerisation are key markets which the Huntsman Performance Products surfactants range can be used in. Consisting of a range of chemistries from fatty alcohol sulphates to more speciality grades including APE-free non-ionic surfactants such as EMPIMIN® PCN15/HA and EMPIMIN® 30/HA. EMPIMIN® 30/HA is a highly active, easy to handle surfactant that has great viscosity and provides comparable characteristics to nonylphenol ethoxylate products. APE-free Huntsman Performance Products are CLP compliant surfactants with no environmental hazards associated.

Huntsman Performance Products and Alfa Chemicals Ltd have worked together for over 20 years. Alfa Chemicals is a UK-based speciality chemicals distributor with nearly 40 years of experience in the speciality chemicals market. Alfa Chemicals has a strong presence in the market with a portfolio of complementary products from highly regarded global manufacturers, and a special emphasis on high quality customer service.

For more information about any Hunstman Surfactants, please click here.

Huntsman Extends UK Distribution Agreement to Include Surfactants
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