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Chemours Environmental Commitment with Capstone Range

Chemours fluoroproducts are constantly evolving its products to maintain their unique performance whilst reducing their environmental footprint. Chemours Capstone range utilise new technologies to ensure that bioaccumulation and toxicology levels of all their materials are low, whilst also eliminating PFOA.

Capstone products meet the goals of the voluntary US Environmental Protection Agency 2010/2015 PFOA Stewardship Program, aiming at the elimination of PFOA, precursor chemicals that can break down to PFOA, and related higher homologue chemicals from emissions and products by 2015. Chemours continue to work with regulatory agencies at national and international levels to promote the responsible development and use of fluoroproducts.

As a founding member of the FluoroCouncil (an industry group that supports a global transition towards alternative chemistries), Chemours do not make, buy, or use any PFOA containing products or processes worldwide.

Contact us here for more information on the range of Capstone products we supply. Alfa Chemicals are proud distributors for Chemours Fluoroproducts in the UK, Ireland and Nordic Countries.

Chemours™ Environmental Commitment with Capstone™ Range
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