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Improve Flow and Finish in Concrete and Plaster with ADDAPT Construction Additives

Formulation of plasters and cement can affect how easy product is to apply, its finish and drying time. BioWet P77 is a special wetting-levelling-improving agent from ADDAPT B.V that promotes good flow of plaster and alleviates the risk of pinholes which can cause uneven paint application. Furthermore, applying BioWet P 77 or BioWet P80 can minimise or prevent weighing errors often associated with batch to batch production.

Some plasters require further drying additives to ensure that the product will fully dry, even at lower temperatures. BioWet P77 and BioWet P80 have excellent drying temperature ranges and allow finished plaster to dry at temperatures as low as 5°C requiring no other additives.

Foamstop VF 35 N is a newly developed biodegradable defoamer which works across a large range of pH’s and has a long working time, allowing for increased workability. Foamstop VF 35 N is VOC-free and has excellent compatibility with BioWet P77 and BioWet P80, ensuring simple yet effective formulation that leads to shorter production times, greater production flexibility and higher quality products.

Antifoaming agents can help to facilitate smoother pump operation in both wet and dry mix concrete applications. Foamstop MP 51 P is a low addition, powdered additive specifically designed for dry mix applications. In some powdered systems Foamstop MP 51 P causes a liquefaction effect – product dilation is increased without reducing defoaming efficiency. Liquefaction is desirable in jointless composition floors, allowing smooth application and an even finish.

For more information on what ADDAPT B.V products we offer, call us on 01344 397751 or email [email protected]. Alfa Chemicals is proud to distribute for ADDAPT B.V in the UK and Ireland.

ADDAPT Construction Additives Improve Flow and Finish in Concrete and Plaster
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