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ADD APT Disp Range Success in Surprising New Markets

ADDAPT’s range of dispersants are seeing increasing use in the ceramics industry and as cement and concrete additives in the construction industry.

Disp products are solvent free dispersants which promote high pigment loading at low viscosities traditionally used in paints. However, Disp 500 is now becoming increasingly popular as a concrete and cement additive in the construction industry.

Disp 500 contains ammonium ions, so is highly recommended for applications where sodium ions are undesirable. Presence of sodium salts in concrete can aggrevate freeze-thaw deterioration and therefore reduce the life span of the final product.

Alfa Chemicals also offer Huntsman, Samsung Fine Chemicals and further ADDAPT products into the construction market; such as the Huntsman Dehscofix® range which can be used as a superplasticisers in concrete.

Disp 500 excels in ceramic applications, where it keeps particles in suspension during spray drying and reduces the amount of water required, creating a high quality finish.

 Into the ceramics industry Alfa Chemicals also offer MECELLOSE® and HECELLOSE® cellulose ethers from Samsung Fine Chemicals which can provide green strength hardness to final products.

ADDAPT develops and manufactures high performance, primarily water-based, environmentally acceptable chemicals. Used to provide innovative solutions for the coatings, adhesives, lubricants and food industries.

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ADD APT Disp™ Range Success in Surprising New Markets
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