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Schill & Seilacher

Schill + Seilacher was founded in 1877 originally producing chemicals for leather processing. Since then the company has developed to a group of 4 independently-run companies with different product ranges. Alfa are associated with the silicone additives and catalysts division who produce special chemicals for the polyurethane industry, rubber processing, foam inhibitors, latex, mineral oils and silicones, but also the provision of customer oriented solutions in the research and development division.

Schill & Seilacher
Product Range Description
Struksilon Organofunctional Silanes Struksilon organofunctional silanes are used as adhesion promoters or coupling agents between inorganic matter such as silica, glass and metal and may also be used in the modification of inorganic or organic surfaces and as starting materials for chemical synthesis.
Struksilon Polyurethane catalysts and additives Struksilon range of polyurethane catalysts and additives are used in the production of polyurethanes and control crosslinking and blowing reaction. Struksilon range of polyurethane catalysts and additives complement the Struksilon silicone stabilisers for polyurethane range and can be used in combination to achieve the perfect foam.
Struksilon Silicone Stabilisers for Polyurethane The Struksilon range of silicone stabilisers for polyurethane are polyalkylene oxide-modified polydimethylsiloxanes designed to provide a desired combination of processability, lambda value and cost depending on application.
Struksilon Silicones for Textiles and Leather Struksilon range of silicones for textiles, fibre and leather are used in the finished stages of processing in order to achieve the desired material properties. These specially modified silicones can customise products by imparting improved feel, surface smoothness, hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity into the materials.

Struksilon range of silicones for textiles and leather comprises of: Amino fluids for textile and leather, emulsions of amino fluids for textiles and leather, organofunctional fluids, organofunctional fluid emulsions for textiles and leather.
STRUKTOL® Release Agents and Lubricants Struktol range of release agents and lubricants are modified silicones that are outstanding release agents and lubricants for a wide range of applications. Silicone mould release agents improve the surface of finished products even at low concentrations of the active substance
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