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NEW Eco-Friendly Paint Additive from SNCZ

Novinox ACE 24 is an easily dispersible, stable and non-hygroscopic white powder with a low tinting strength designed for eco-friendly paints and coatings. With typical application rates of 5-12% by weight, Novinox ACE 24 offers high levels of anti-corrosive properties without additional labelling for storage or transport.

Introductions of new CLP labelling in June 2015 caused Phosphinal PZ04 to be reclassified as H413. Paints containing less than 25% by weight of Novinox ACE 24 have no hazard labelling associated with them, making it a more desirable additive for applications where anti-corrosive capabilities are vital.

Novinox ACE 24 is highly suited for acrylic and epoxy resin systems. When directly compared to Phosphinal PZ04 in water based styrene acrylic primers and alkyd emulsions, Novinox ACE 24 offers similar levels of anti-corrosion performance. For water-based styrene acrylic primers Novinox ACE 24 has a higher anti-corrosion efficiency than Phosphinal PZ04, showing formulators that with SNCZ’s new eco-friendly additives highly efficient coatings are achievable.

Alfa Chemicals is delighted to distribute for SNCZ in the UK and Ireland.  Request further information on what anti-corrosion additives we can offer here.

SNCZ Environmental Dedication Continues with NEW Eco-Friendly Paint Additive
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