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Discover JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates – Environmentally Friendly Solvents for Many Organic and Inorganic Materials

Huntsman Performance Products range of JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates find utility in numerous cleaning applications. For example, JEFFSOL® PC can be utilised in industrial cleaning applications including the cleaning of uncured components from a substrate where the uncured components were used in the preparation of a polyurethane foam, polymer, polyester or epoxy.

JEFFSOL® PROPYLENE CARBONATE (PC) is a clear, mobile, hygroscopic liquid at room temperature. An excellent solvent for many organic and inorganic materials in such applications as surface cleaners, degreasers, dyes, fibers, plastics, batteries, aromatic hydrocarbons, and natural gas.


JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates are environmentally friendly with very low toxicity, colour, odour and low VOC. JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates also have high flash points.  JEFFSOL® Propylene Carbonate is widely used in the personal care industry for this reason. These characteristics make JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates favourable, environmentally friendly solvents across many homecare I&I applications.

Alfa Chemicals is proud to distribute for Huntsman Performance Products in the UK and Ireland. For more information on the range of JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates we offer please visit our website or contact us.

Discover JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates Environmentally Friendly Solvents
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