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Alfa Chemicals FREE Chemours Capstone Webinar Proved Great Success

On Monday November 30th, Alfa Chemicals and Chemours hosted an interactive one hour webinar which proved to be a great success. Engaging information was presented by Romain Serverac, a Chemours technical manager, which explained how Capstone products can be used in stone and tile applications to provide unbeatable stain protection against oil and water.

Topics covered varied from the chemistry of fluorotelomers, benefits of Capstones versus other stain protection, application rates and methods for stain testing. Highlighted was the fact that Capstone products are formulated into treatments, rather than coatings. These treatments allow the natural substrate below to breathe, whilst also providing an improved scrub resistance when compared to traditional coatings such as silicones. Using treatments, rather than coatings, provides longer lasting protection for the surface below and reduces the need for regular re-application.

Throughout the presentation participants were engaged, resulting in extremely high retention rates. The webinar ended with an open Q&A session, which provided Romain with interesting and complex questions all of which he answered fully and to the highest standard. Feedback from this webinar has been exceptional and we hope to provide a similar service to our customers in the future.

If you require further information on any Chemours Capstone products then please contact Alfa Chemicals Ltd, Chemours distributor for the UK, Ireland and Nordic countries.

Alfa Chemicals FREE Chemours Capstone™ Webinar Proved Great Success
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