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ADDAPT Complete Work on Their New Production Facility

ADDAPT Chemicals B.V. have completed work on their brand new production facility, following the devastating fire which struck them in August 2015. The new factory includes forty two storage tanks (equalling 35000L total) and a variety of 25000L, 10000L, 5000L and 1500L reactors allowing for a total annual output of over 75000 MT.

Currently, ADDAPT Chemicals B.V. are using this time to settle into their new premises having recently recruited a new R&D manager and additional lab staff to ensure that ADDAPT Chemicals B.V. remain the forefront of industrial and agrichemical innovation.

Full-scale production at the new plant is expected to begin early this year. It is hoped that the new factory will enable faster manufacture of large volume products, as well as facilitate the expansion of ADDAPT Chemical B.V’s extensive product range.

Alfa Chemicals are proud to distribute for ADDAPT Chemicals B.V. for the UK and Ireland. Please contact us for any information on what ADDAPT products we could offer.

ADDAPT Complete Work on Their New Production Facility
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