11th May 2022

Alfa Chemicals have been supporting our customers with contract manufacture services for over 20 years.

A client we have supplied several raw materials to for many years had been using an intermediate that was eventually discontinued by the manufacturer; Alfa helped find a facility to perform contract manufacture of an equivalent material so that they could continue producing in their final product.

Benefits of contract manufacture as a service:

  • Manufacture of tailored products for specific applications
  • Possible to produce to the customer’s own methods and testing if required, or alternatively we can work together to recommend a suitable process and testing plan
  • Process samples can be provided for testing

Our client was able to continue to deliver their final product using the now-Contract Manufactured intermediate, as this service from Alfa Chemicals’ grants:

- Ability to source products not easily found on the market
- Facility can be tailored to the customer’s needs; e.g. scale of material, quality level, etc
- GMP uplift of materials only manufactured and available to ISO 9001 standards