The Water-Saving Haircare Revolution

Water-free and Low-water Concepts for hair & scalp

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It’s time to join the water-saving haircare revolution!

Waterless & low-water haircare formulations can come in a variety of forms, including balms, powders, solid bars and oils. Some are highly concentrated – such as solid bars and powders – which help to reduce the volume and weight of a finished product, lowering the carbon footprint as well as transport costs. These often require the consumer to mix with water to lather or activate.

Other formats – such as oily serums and balms – are designed to be used neat, offering a truly water-free experience from start to finish. They often require no preservative, so these cleaner and less irritating formulations are a great alternative for brands catering to consumers with sensitive skin. Solid bar and powder products in particular can benefit further from using paper or cardboard packaging (or nothing at all!) in place of the traditional plastic bottle, thus reducing landfill and potential ocean pollution.

Check out our new waterless & low-water concepts for hair & scalp care!