Film Formers & Styling Polymers

        A range of multi-purpose cosmetic polymers with excellent film-forming and adhesive properties. Perfect for imparting crunch and stiffness in hair styling, and for gelling water-based cleansers, hair colourants and toothpastes.

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        Organic Mushroom Extracts in Glycerin™

        KÄÄPÄ Biotech controls the whole supply chain from spore to extract. In their certified production facility they extract the mushrooms’ Compounds of Interest using the industry-leading Ultrasonic-assisted extraction method. Extraction of the compounds of interest is essential for optimal bioavailability. Their easy-to-formulate Glycerin Extracts have a range of benefits for skin including: anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, increased elasticity & collagen production.

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        Raw Organic Certified Virgin Coconut Oil

        āluān coconut oil is created from freshly ground coconut cold-pressed into a milk before a gentle oil separation. A centrifugal extraction process spins the oil off the top of the fresh cream. No heat is used in the process.

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