Cosmetic Fluid Range

        A variety of silicone blends that are suitable for use in haircare, skincare and intimate care applications. They're non-greasy and can help improve spreadability and play time, whilst enhancing silkiness and overall skin feel.

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        Emulsil WSL

        Pre-emulsified specialty Silicone-in-Water silicone phase concentrates that create clear Silicone-in-Water emollient lubricants. Specifically designed for long lasting lubricity with an elegant skin feel. They can create cost effective formulations capable of incorporating water and oil based sensates. When used in water based lubricants, the innovative osmolality contribution is <10.

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        Frizzblend Max

        A multi-beneficial active ingredient containing a Moisture Activated, unique high molecular weight/ high viscosity amine modified silicone fluid. Improves curl definition, shine, combability and overall hair appearance. It also reduces styling time via water replacement during application.

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        InnoSil Range

        InnoSil cyclic replacements will function similarly to their replacements and provide superior aesthetics during application and post application. Their low interfacial tension provides good spreading and promote film formation.

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        XO-Therm® Range

        Oil-free, self-warming fluids that instantly warm upon contact with moisture. Suitable for use in massage oils and anhydrous lubricants.

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