BergaSom sunflower lecithin

        A range of high-quality sunflower derived lecithin fractions. They are used in the manufacture of liposomes, nanoemulsions, oleogels and formulations that are physiologically related to the skin, for cosmetic and dermatological products.

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        Frizzblend Max

        A multi-beneficial active ingredient containing a Moisture Activated, unique high molecular weight/ high viscosity amine modified silicone fluid. Improves curl definition, shine, combability and overall hair appearance. It also reduces styling time via water replacement during application.

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        Haircare Actives

        Haircare actives to address a multitude of consumer-driven needs such as frizz control, hydration, colour protection, cuticle smoothing, and increased manageability.

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        HECELLOSE™ P Grades

        HECELLOSE™ P Grades are suitable for Personal Care applications. HECELLOSE™ has great lubricating characteristics to enhances the flow and dispersion of products. In colloidal or suspension, HECELLOSE™ can improve stability and reduce sedimentation. HECELLOSE™ has a high tolerance for dissolved electrolytes and salts while remaining stable in various pH levels. HECELLOSE™ shear thinning properties enable enhancement of the spread-ability on hair and skin. In solution, HECELLOSE™ provides higher clarity by reducing haziness and fiber contents.

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