Bentone® Luxe range

        The Elementis BENTONE® LUXE series of emulsifying gels facilitate the creation of exceptional personal care formulas. Their formulating flexibility, exceptional emulsification properties and rheology control make BENTONE® LUXE gels ideal for innovative skin care and colour cosmetic formulations.

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        BergaSom sunflower lecithin

        A range of high-quality sunflower derived lecithin fractions. They are used in the manufacture of liposomes, nanoemulsions, oleogels and formulations that are physiologically related to the skin, for cosmetic and dermatological products.

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        HIPEgel® Oleo enables the formulator to make cold process emulsions with a very high internal phase, >90%.

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        Customisable, highly stable concentrated emulsions which can be used as the base of many types of cosmetic formulations, including wet wipes. Ask us for further details.

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