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Auxistim G®

Skin neuroprotection active and high performance anti-oxidant. Enhances collagen production. Improves skin cells resistance to environmental stress (U.V., free radicals).

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Oil-in-water nanodispersion, containing 50% of aqueous phase and 50% of oily phase, stable without surfactants due to the use of an original manufacturing process under pressure. It is an excipient which is perfectly compatible with hydro-gels and emulsions, reinforces the surface hydrolipidic film and which may be formulated in hypoallergenic or sensitive skin products.

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Osmoregulator capable of substitution of water during extreme dehydration state. Increased cell viability when submitted to UV stress.

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Skincare active with anti-aging and anti-stress effects and cutaneous immune defence stimulation.

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Anti-'zombie' cell active with inflamm'aging activity. Limits the multiplication of senescent cells to prevent premature aging of the skin.

  • Scutellaria baicalensis root extract
  • COSMOS approved,Non-GMO,Vegan