Submicron particles consisting of a complex mix of solid and liquid fat compounds. They are carefully designed to obtain an imperfect crystal structure, so that lipophilic actives can be encapsulated and protected within them.




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BergaCare SmartLipids Glabridin

SmartLipids technology enhances the bioavailability, allowing higher penetration and prolonged release of Glabridin in its most effective form. Furthermore, the physical protection of Glabridin from light and oxygen against chemical degradation within the lipid matrix ensures the full efficacy spectrum of this powerful active.

BergaCare SmartLipids NatWhite

Encapsulated lemongrass oil in a matrix of solid and liquid lipids. Delivers enhanced natural lightening efficacy of lemongrass oil while avoiding a one-shot concentration on the skin while restoring the natural skin barrier.

BergaCare SmartLipids Q10

BergaCare SmartLipids Q10 protects the coenzyme against outside aggressions and so preserves its integrity prior to release. This way Q10 will be released under its most effective form to the skin and will be able to perform best in term of skin protection, anti-aging and antioxidant applications.

Bergacare SmartLipids Retinol

Highly stabilised active retinol, protected against detrimental external influences. Delivers enhanced penetration and prolonged release.