Direct from Simeulue Island, Sumatra Indonesia, āluān’s pure coconut oil is Rainforest Friendly, Organic Certified, and Sustainably Sourced!

Āluān was founded alongside conservation foundation EcosystemImpact. They integrate business and conservation in order to address the multi-layered threats to nature on their islands, in an integrated way.

EcosystemImpact conserves critically endangered sea turtles, songbirds and their habitats in the same landscape, whilst āluān partners with 500 coconut farmers to source fresh organic certified coconuts.

They nurture their relationships with farmers via coconut farming. They pay premium prices for their product, supporting with technology and aggregation, and regenerating farm land to conserve the forest and species in the area.

Raw Organic Certified Virgin Coconut Oil

āluān coconut oil is created from freshly ground coconut cold-pressed into a milk before a gentle oil separation. A centrifugal extraction process spins the oil off the top of the fresh cream. No heat is used in the process.

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