3rd July 2023

From the hive to the consumer, completely traceable and sustainable!

Koster Keunen is proud to create the first certified, 100% sustainably sourced beeswax. This beeswax is NGO verified by FairMatch Support and traced to each beekeeper and their hives. This traceable sourcing strives to keep bees and keepers safe, happy and healthy.

Koster Keunen has expanded with another branch, in Lomé, Togo. The new facility in West Africa, supports their sustainable beeswax program and employs its own sustainability manager within the staff. Their beeswax supply chain in West Africa is a long-term commitment with cooperative and beekeeper groups. Koster's program improves the lives of beekeepers, farmers and the quality of their product. The results of this work can be seen in the quality of wax produced, the recurrent income at the local level, and professionalisation of the local beekeeping society.

A Living Wage

Beekeepers are paid a fair living wage, helping to elevate entire communities. This program touches 7000+ keepers, increases food production, and supports safe beekeeping practices. Koster Keunen wants to drive global change for the handling of bees and the cultivation of beeswax.

Bees Are Pollinators

Koster Keunen works with local farmers, educating them on the value of crop pollination. Farmers have seen 40% higher yield in crops when working with bees as pollinators. Large crops equate to additional access to food for local communities.

Beekeeper Safety & Longevity

Koster Keunen is proud to fund safety programs and support coalitions donating specialised equipment to beekeepers in remote areas. Donations vary by region, and include bicycles, bee suits, and important tools in safe beekeeping.

With dedication to innovation, ethical sourcing, and sustainable harvesting processes, Koster Keunen can provide high-quality waxes whilst benefitting the planet in the process.