22nd October 2020

Brazilian Booty Lift Concepts

Just because we've packed away the bikinis and shorts, and wrapped up warm in winter layers, doesn't mean our bodies should be completely neglected.

Certain areas can benefit from an extra little bit of care to maintain smooth, supple and firm skin during the winter months - they are out of sight, but not out of mind!

The popular 'Brazilian Booty Lift' can be replicated with these skin smoothing and firming formulations, packed with Chemyunion's rainforest-sourced actives.

Brazilian Booty Firming Mousse with Slimbuster L 3R & AquaBio 3R
Brazilian Anti-Cellulite Booty Butter with Omega Plus & Slimbuster H
Super-Hydrating Coconut Butter with Mitoclean & Powderfeel WR

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