13th February 2023

Show Your Scalp Some Love This Valentine's Day With Berg + Schmidt's GlyAcid®

Skinification of hair is one of the top predicted trends of 2023. It involves applying the same care, and some of the same ingredients, to the scalp as the face. It's anticipated that haircare routines are set to get a major upgrade as consumers invest as much time, money and effort into healthy hair as they do for their skin. A study of 2100 consumers on their hair care preferences, revealed that 56% of participants believe that an active ingredient is more important than brand, package or fragrance when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Glycolic Acid continues to proliferate globally in skin-care products as a proven anti-aging active ingredient. It is a renowned active ingredient in skin care, utilized in a wide variety of dermal cosmetic applications and well-suited for use within chemical peels. In recent years, Glycolic Acid has also begun to attract attention for its potential use in hair care products. Qualitative testing has shown that a number of physical aspects of human hair are improved through treatment with Glycolic Acid formulations. Specifically, testing has shown that when compared with untreated human hair, hair samples treated with Berg & Schmidt's GlyAcid® demonstrated the following:

  • Stronger hair, less breakage - GlyAcid® is able to rebuild stability in damaged hair and provide restorative and maintenance effects on the hair.
  • Smooth hair surface - GlyAcid® allows hollistic approach to repair cuticle by polymeric chemical linkages on keratin.
  • Improved heat tolerance - Hair treated with GlyAcid® shows greater stability, reduced water content and acts as non-volatile plasticizer.
  • Less frizzy hair - GlyAcid® reduces hair damages and closes the cuticles.

The use of Glycolic Acid can repair broken molecular linkages within hair strands as well as prevent penetration of hair by unwanted foreign molecules. Berg + Schmidt's data shows that both healthy and damaged hair can benefit from the addition of Glycolic Acid to hair care products.

Berg + Schmidt's GlyAcid® is a High-purity glycolic acid made using a unique production and cleaning process resulting in a product free of formaldehyde. As well as the facial skincare market, it can be used in the haircare market. It is Palm oil free, Non-GMO, as well as Vegan!