2nd July 2024

The “Quiet Beauty” Trend for 2024/25: A Focus On Quality

In 2023 the fashion industry saw the phenomenon of Quiet Luxury changing the way consumers make their purchases. This mindset is now making its way into the beauty industry with a focus on quality ingredients. It puts a focus on ingredients with data to support their claims and proven efficacy, rather than trending ingredients that sound interesting but rely heavily on marketing claims.

The Quiet Beauty outlook puts a focus on mindful consumerism within the beauty industry, consumers today are aware that their skincare purchases are an investment for their well-being.

Our portfolio contains various active ingredients with multiple benefits and extensive research to support their claims:

Ectoin® natural

INCI: Ectoin

Powerful natural stress-protection molecule, a so called "extremolyte". This multifunctional active ingredient is able to prevent cell damage and inflammation caused by all sorts of stress factors, thereby preserving the skin´s beauty and health. Ectoin® utilises a scientific and comprehensive approach to efficient anti-aging and skin protection by repairing and improving damaged, aged, stressed and irritated skin.

Alpin Heilmoor Extract™

INCI: Peat extract

A novel inflamm'aging bioactive developed from centuries old therapeutic healing knowledge. The spectrum of its efficacy incudes maintaining a healthy skin microbiome and skin barrier, protection against pollution, irritation, inflammation, oxidative stress and acne, and supporting the skin’s own healing capacity.

Arct’Alg® SC

INCI: Chondrus crispus extract

Natural extract derived from arctic algae with protective and energising properties that stimulate epidermal cells to provide better hydration and protection against environmental factors. It is proven to repair the skin barrier, reduce wrinkle volume and depth, and increase overall radiance.

PhytoVie™ Defense

INCI: Brassica Campestris/Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer

Natural skincare and haircare active for protection against environmental pollutants and irritants. It’s unique chemistry and film forming properties provide a protective barrier to lock in moisture and protect from external aggressors great for skin and sunscreens applications as well as hair heat protection.

TRIglyphix® Sense

INCI: Hordeum Vulgare Seed Extract

Botanically-based active designed to quell the discomfort and redness associated with skin irritation. Based on DNA microarray analysis, in vitro and in vivo studies, results show it delivers superior soothing properties, while enhancing the expression of genes involved in barrier function, stress response and repair mechanisms.