10th March 2020

KeraPlant NPNF® vegan keratin from TRI-K Industries

KeraPlant NPNF® from TRI-K Industries is a new plant-derived keratin which delivers excellent hair protection, repair and conditioning for treating chemically & thermally damaged hair.

KeraPlant NPNF® contains a synergistic blend of 3 key proteins which create a uniform film on the hair surface and provide cuticle protection, preventing weakening of the hair.

Perfect for relaxed and bleached hair, this new Vegan hair care ingredient is suitable for wash-off and leave-on applications, including hair masks & styling products.

  • Improves tryptophan levels & enhances protein integrity after harsh chemical treatments
  • Instantly seals & repairs split ends after thermal & mechanical damage
  • Aids in hair repair after bleaching & smooths for easier detangling
  • Re-energises hair by leaving it nourished & moisturised

INCI: Hydrolysed Wheat Protein & Hydrolysed Soy Protein & Hydrolysed Corn Protein

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