12th June 2024

The Vida-Care Range from Alfa Chemicals Manufacturing offers the ultimate styling ingredients, suitable for creating innovative products for trend driven styles.

Social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, not only have the power to make a product viral, but they provide support for styling hair and creating looks that meet trends. Whether consumers want to create a sleek up-do or a voluminous 80’s hairstyle, they will need to ensure their creations last.

Products that can create volume and provide hold include:

  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Mousses or foams
  • Root-lifting sprays
  • Gels and Pomades
  • Texturising sprays or powders

The Vida-Care™ C VA Series from Alfa Chemicals Manufacturing consists of a range of VP / VA Copolymers. These Copolymers combine the desirable qualities of different monomers, which result in an overall increase in performance and flexibility of the finished material. Different combinations of monomers can be used to meet specific application requirements, such as flexibility, strength, elasticity or chemical resistance.

Vida-Care™ C VA Series is a combination of different ratios of Vinylpyrrolidone and Vinyl Acetate, which provide film-forming properties and flexibility. This range is suitable for both skin and hair care formulations, providing a film on the surface to trap and retain moisture for longer durations whilst still providing flexibility.

A powder grade, linear, random copolymer of 60:40 Vinylpyrrolidone and Vinyl Acetate. This grade is water-soluble as VP content is > 50%. Recommended for use in aerosol hair styling products due to good propane / butane solubility.

50% aqueous linear, random styling copolymer of 60:40 Vinylpyrrolidone and Vinyl Acetate. Relatively high VA content results in high cohesive strength, imparts increased humidity resistance and flexibility.

50% aqueous styling copolymer of 70:30 Vinylpyrrolidone and Vinyl Acetate. Relatively high VP content results in high adhesive strength, increased water-solubility and more ‘crunchy’ feel, but reduced humidity resistance and flexibility.

The Vida-Care™ C VA Series is perfect for increasing humidity resistance and flexibility in hair styling, reducing water solubility, and for improving adhesion in colour cosmetics.