7th January 2021

LIVE from in-cosmetics Connect: Ection® natural "extremolyte" protection from Bitop

Mon 25th Jan @ 09:00 - 09:30

The need for 100% natural, highly effective, safe, and multifunctional active ingredients is rising. There is only a very limited number of single molecules with clinically proven efficacy a formulator can choose from to implement multiple benefits like anti-aging, skin barrier repair, soothing, whitening, long-term hydration, and global protection (anti-pollution, blue-light, etc.) with one active.
This webinar will provide an overview of consumer needs and explain how the single molecule and multi-benefit bioactive Ectoin® natural can help to formulate highly effective “clean-beauty” formulations, which meet the latest market trends.

Mon 25th Jan @ 09:00
"Ultimate protection & repair:
How a natural molecule can meet all consumer needs"

Anne Schrötter, Global Sales & Marketing Manager, Bitop AG


if you are unable to attend but would like more information, or a sample, please email [email protected]