4th October 2019

LIVE ACTION DEMO: Hair straightening salon session with live Q&A

The process of straightening hair is notoriously damaging even when conducted by a professional salon stylist.
Chemyunion invite you to see first-hand how Seriliss RA can be used in salon straightening treatments, to protect the hair during this harsh process and prolong the results.

Chemyunion's Haircare Marketing Manager Leandra Moraes will be joined by an expert Brazilian hairstylist who will perform a step-by-step straightening process using Seriliss RA on a salon model.
The session will include a live Q&A and chance to fully review the mechanism of action of Seriliss RA.

LIVE ACTION DEMO: Salon straightening process using Seriliss RA
Tuesday 8th October @ 12:00 GMT
120 mins inc 40 min Q&A

Seriliss RA straightens and protects hair simultaneously with superior and proven performance, using a proprietary technology that promotes the preservation of cystine and permeation of sericin, a double mechanism of action responsible for increasing hair strength.