8th April 2020

Alfa Chemicals brings you Happy Hydrated Hands

Constant washing can leave the hands dry, irritated and in need of a boost.
Take a look at our intensely hydrating skincare actives, which can deliver instant and effective results to hand care formulations.

Fision® Hydrate Pro from TRI-K Industries brings intense 48 hour moisturisation from the first application. Fision® Hydrate Pro is mimetic to skin’s natural moisturising factors, helping support the barrier function and overall health. It is crystal clear.
INCI: Water & Sodium PCA & Panthenol & Glycerin & Sodium Hyaluronate & L-Proline & Hydroxyproline

AcquaBio from Chemyunion is a substantiated active for skin barrier restoration, delivering long-lasting moisturisation and optimising dermal water-balance.
INCI: Water & Glycerin & Galactoarabinan

Lactilglutammato from ResPharma is a complex designed to bring excellent moisturising and humectant benefits to cosmetic preparations.

INCI: Glycerin & Sorbitol & Sodium PCA & Sodium Lactate & Water & Caprilyl Glycol

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