25th October 2019

We are delighted to announce that Berg + Schmidt and Res Pharma will present at this year's SCS Formulate!

Resplanta®: Water-soluble oils for creating sustainable textures

Res Pharma and Alfa Chemicals take a look at what it means to be more ‘Water Responsible”, examples of how we can recycle ingredients from other industries, and what ingredients we can consider in order to be more sustainable. Tumi Siwoku of Alfa Chemicals will present the new sustainable RESPLANTA® water-soluble oils which deliver excellent nourishing & conditioning benefits to the water phase, as well as their new range of 'zero-waste' silk-based actives derived from silk industry by-products.

Tues 12th Nov @ 12:10


The new haircare routine with glycolic acid: Glyacid® for beautiful hair

Consumers are increasingly expecting haircare products to deliver the same kind of results as those promised by skincare lines, and glycolic acid is the perfect crossover ingredient for both applications.

Kristin Koelher of Berg + Schmidt will present data to demonstrate the mechanical and chemical benefits of glycolic acid on human hair keratin. Hair treated with a 4% GLYACID conditioner resulted in significantly improved combability, smoothing of hair shaft and increased shine.

Wed 13th Nov @ 09:50