31st May 2023

High-purity glycolic acid and new bonding technology

Glycolic acid, known for its small size molecular stability, is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Often used as an active ingredient in skincare formulations, the effectiveness of glycolic acid in driving skin exfoliation is widely recognised. Glycolic acid's strength, however, can lead to instances of irritation when used by those with more delicate skin surfaces. GlySmart® helps to combat this by controlling the release of glycolic acid onto the skin surface therefore preventing skin discomfort.

Designed to exfoliate the skin as effectively as the original GlyAcid® product, GlySmart® uses an amphoteric molecule to moderate the release of glycolic acid onto the skin surface and prevent the skin discomfort associated with glycolic acid exfoliators.

GlySmart® allows for a bridled release of glycolic acid onto the skin. The arginine-glycolic acid complex will respond to the pH of the skin surface by releasing the glycolic acid molecules a bit at a time. This allows for the same end result exfoliation over a more sustained duration therefore avoiding irritation caused by overloading the skin with glycolic acid.

GlySmart® is a smarter approach to skin rejuvenation for those with sensitive skin, providing gentleness in skin exfoliation without compromising effectiveness.