25th April 2023

Exsymol Deliver Innovative Results Around Body Confidence

Body skincare is often a missed opportunity when it comes to customers daily routines but 'bodycare as skincare' is a trend on the rise for 2023. Bodycare is skincare for the body that goes beyond the typical moisturising body creams,. It includes body treatments, serums, masks and even body sculpting tools.

Exsymol's innovative research around the topic of body confidence reveals exciting insights for body sculpting products. Their body sculpting products are created by combining a biofunctional Silicium core with another focused ingredient. The Silicium core is a biomimetic form of the silicium naturally present in our bodies. Exsymol's body sculpting products: Algisium, Hydroxyprolisilane, Cafeisilane, and Slimagine help to target skin smoothness, firming, cellulite, and remodelling, ultimately boosting body confidence.

Algisium is a skin restructuring active suitable for body care formulations. It helps to improve hydration, uniformity of complexion, softness, firmness, density and elasticity. Algisium's biofunctional Silicium core, is combined with Alginic Acid in order to penetrate deeply into the different layers of the skin for better regeneration and fat control. Algisium contributes to body confidence as a silhouette enhancer helping skin to look and feel firmer and smoother.

Hydroxyprolisilane is responsible for body firming. Hydroxyprolisilane combines the biofunctional Silicium core with an amino acid common in collagen: hydroxyproline. Hydroxyprolisilane benefits skin by reducing roughness, improving elasticity, firming the skin and overall moisturisation.

Cafeisilane reduces fat accumulation for a firmer skin with less visible cellulite. It is a Silanol combining biofunctional Silicium core with a molecule known for its slimming and anti-cellulite properties: caffeine. Cafeisilane benefits the skin and overall body confidence through skin firmness and cellulite reduction.

Slimagine offers a unique anti-aging slimming approach. It is a 100% natural extract of Palmaria palmata (Dulse) and acts as a candidate in the prevention of fatty tissue growth. Slimagine improves skin softness, hydration, and firmness. It also claims to help with bulge reduction and orange peel effect.