2nd February 2022

COSMOS-APPROVED QUILLAJA SAPONINS for vegan & sustainable cleansing

ANDEAN QDP ULTRA ORGANIC is a dry powder format extract of the Chilean Soap Bark Tree, with impressive sustainability credentials.
The Quillaja tree is native to Chile and grows only in the Andean region, the perfect environment for this unique tree which provides a rich source of triterpenic saponins with multiple applications for personal care.

Desert King use responsible harvesting techniques to ensure a sustainable raw material supply, and operate a carbon-neutral processing facility in Chile.
The powdered grade is easy to use for dry, solid and liquid formulations, and has a lower carbon footprint as it is the concentrated version of the original liquid grade.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A SHORT VIDEO about Desert King's impressive sustainability credentials (4m 50s).

Andean QDP Ultra Organic
INCI: Quillaja saponaria wood extract
100% natural cleansing, gentle foaming & emulsifying extract

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