8th April 2020

Clay-based Rheology for 'Clean & Green' Cosmetics

Elementis has launched a new Bentone Gel® rheology modifier for use in cyclopentasiloxane-free cosmetics.
BENTONE GEL® HS V is 97% naturally derived and designed to deliver suspension, thickening, and improved sensorial and application benefits, as well as being vegan.
To meet 'clean & green cosmetics' standards, it offers formulators easy incorporation that not only shortens process times for lower carbon footprint, but also delivers improved batch to batch consistency.

BENTONE GEL® HS V is particularly suited to formulating colour cosmetics because of its ability to provide consistent colour payout in both anhydrous and emulsion systems.

BENTONE GEL® rheology modifiers also improve stability, aesthetics and SPF of mineral-based sunscreen formulations.

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Our latest colour formulations with BENTONE GEL® HS V:

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