3rd August 2022

BergaMuls ET 1: A Natural Multi-Functional Emulsifier from Berg & Schmidt

BergaMuls ET 1 from Berg & Schmidt is a natural and renewable alternative emulsifier for use in skincare and haircare. This multi-functional emulsifier is based on natural fruit and cereal fibres and not only has it got excellent emulsifying properties, but also simultaneously thickens and moisturises.

The ingredients used in BergaMuls ET 1 are upcycled from fruit and cereal by-products and production uses renewable energies making it extremely sustainable and eco-friendly. A special benefit of this product is that it is cold-processable and tests show that it has comparable or slightly better moisturising properties than glycerine.

Another advantage is its compatibility with other ingredients used in cosmetics, such as vegetable oils, silicone oils, esters, electrolytes, UV filters and others. In addition, BergaMuls ET 1 can be used in the pH spectrum from 4-9, covering the common cosmetics pH range.

BergaMuls ET 1 is vegan, COSMOS approved and palm-free. With its energy-saving processing and the very low amounts needed, BergaMuls ET 1 offers economic and ecological advantages over conventional emulsifiers.

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INCI: Beta-Glucan & Pectin

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